Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu

The most ancient religious books known to man are the Vedas-(From the root word Vid meaning knowledge) which are the religious books of Sanathana Dharma(Perennial wisdom) , now known as Hinduism. The ancient Hindus were worshippers of nature in all its glorious aspects. They sang the praise of these aspects and they were the first known prayers of man and they called them stotras(poems of praise originating from the word Stuthi ).In the post Vedic age , there came in to existence the 18 Hindu epics called as Puranas. Most of these Puranas had their own stotras. After them large number of devotee poets wrote very pretty poems in praise of their favorite God and these were the later day stotras. Side by side a vast religious literature grew and were known as Sruthis(What is heard).

With larger number of people speaking, thinking and writing in their regional language, most of the people did not understand these stotras and Sruthis. In each region, great minds started composing stotras in their language so that people can understand it.

In this web site an attempt is made to give simple English translation of this vast store house of stotras in to simple English verse. Also several areas of the Sruthi aspect of religion are illustrated by stories (Katha), essays(Vyasa) and gems of great thought (rathnas.), These have been given in the easily downloadable PDF form

The author requests readers to spread this knowledge far and wide to the English knowing modern generation. It is also emphasized that you can copy and reproduce any of the material in any web site or blog , with a simple acknowledgement of source.