Why and what?

In this tumultuous world full of tensions, one of the greatest possible methods of getting solace is through prayer with faith. The founders of the Sanathana Dharma (The perennial religious thought) called nowadays as Hinduism, wrote these prayers in Sanskrit. Even while it was being written, the common Hindus spoke a language called Prakrit and the tribal people of those days spoke a language called Paisachi. Possibly all of them could not understand these prayers. Over years, Sanskrit gave way to several languages in India. Though side by side prayers were being composed in Sanskrit, devotees who spoke these regional languages started to compose prayers in the language , in which they spoke for example in Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu , Hindi, Bengali and so on. Unfortunately we have reached a state, where some of us are more familiar with English rather than our mother toungue or the language of the religion viz Sanskrit. This new generation also wants to pray with faith. They want to understand, the prayers that they chant . This web site intends to cater to such people. It gives transliteration and translation of Hindu Prayers in English.

It also aims at giving these people some info about their religion in the form of stories and essays in the Sruthi section.